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I was very happy to see a huge improvement in  my dogs.  I personally have learnt a lot through this process and feel like my confidence in my dogs has increased a lot!.  So thankful for Bark Busters Edmonton! Definitely recommend them to everyone!!

I really enjoyed our session together and glad we have you as assistance to help us train Ellie.  I was a bit frustrated having a new puppy and not knowing where to start. (especially training)  You taught us step by step on how to take on scenarios and that was a great help!. I really enjoyed that it was really hands on for me. Thank you so much!. You are super informative and have great tips for Ellie.  Definitely suggesting to all  my other new puppy owners to Bark Busters!

We did not really know what to expect but the experience was amazing. The logic and thinking was clearly presented, and we felt our concerns with Gibson were heard and addressed. We recorded real time feedback with practicing the scenes and felt confidence in our abilities to follow through in just the one session. Our whole relationship with Gibson has improved for the better. We are excited about the progress we have made so far and credit Carol and Bark Busters for being such a great teacher and instilling confidence.

The difference in Bella after just one session is unbelievable.  She is calmer, and much better behaved. Friends cannot believe she is the same pup!  I firmly believe that the Bark Busters method of training works! She is proof! Thanks Guys.

Carol was great & what she taught us really makes sense. The leave behind material & reminders are great for keeping us on track. A puppy is very challenging to train. Thanks Bark Busters

I am very satisfied with the service, never once feeling judged a "bad dog owner". I have noticed a marked improvement in Lucky's behavior. I now need to ensure I am consistent in my role as a pack leader. Thank you, once again, very much.

I am grateful for the learning that I received. I have also noticed an improvement with Chilie's behaviours....although she is testing me and the new rules - which I expected. I am remaining diligent and when that happens, she responds as expected. Thank you Bark Busters

Our rescue dog experiences severe separation anxiety. Having a trainer come in to our home, observe the dog's territory, and our behaviour made a huge difference in being able to address the problem. The techniques we learned are simple yet so far have been effective. She is already a different dog. Thanks Bark Busters.

We cannot get over the changes in our dog's behaviour now that we have been shown what we were doing wrong. We have been raving about Carol and the Bark Buster Guys to our friends. We can't thank her enough for helping us!

Carol is very attentive, knowledgable and polite. She helped me turn a good dog into an excellent dog. I highly recommend her services.

A great experience for the whole family. We have received comments on how much our pets have improved their social skills!

Being a new dog owner to two rescue dogs with a history I didn't know and one displaying aggression towards people I felt truly overwhelmed. We tried a trainer with few improvements, and so felt cautious of trying another. However to my great astonishment the results were practically instant! Carol, our trainer, was incredibly kind and was wonderful at teaching us the techniques we needed to implement for our dogs success. I was so impressed when not even a week later my friend, who had been the target of my dogs most severe aggression, was able to knock and enter my home without a single bark! They didn't rush the door, just sat calmly until I gave them the go ahead to come greet our guest. You're system makes sense and it works! I recommend you guys to anyone and everyone who comments on our well behaved dogs. Thank you Bark Busters!

My three dogs' behaviour is amazing after only one session- they are calmer-they listen-and the barking is almost nonexistent - I can enjoy my dogs again- this training is unbelievably simple but super effective- it is worth every penny of the investment - YEAH Bark Busters

The very next morning after the training I was able to take control of my dog and I was very excited and confident. It is like having a whole new dog! My fears and anxiety are much much lower. It is finally a happy complete household! Thank you Carol & Bark Busters Edmonton!

I really enjoyed our session and have seen immediate improvements in "bad" behaviours such as biting and growling. I feel like I have control over my puppy now! We've also made strides in house training. My daughter also learned to be more respectful to the puppy and they are getting on much better now. I would recommend Bark Busters to everyone who wants to have the best relationship they can with their beloved dog.

I was skeptical initially but it has made a world of difference and although our dog was well behaved it just is better now than it was and we have a plan of action to deal with unwanted behaviors more effectively.

The change in Ziggy was instant and positive. We have been doing very well over the last few weeks doing our exercises and he seems more happy and relaxed no longer feeling the need to be the Alpha. Thanks Bark Busters.

Carol was AMAZING! Super friendly, professional, and helpful with our dog. We have seen a major improvement with his barking in the yard.

Carol & Greg Guy were awesome! We learned new things and new ways of thinking as well as a new approach to handle the dogs. They spent more time with us than expected in the first visit (5 hours), but I am glad they were here to witness some very specific behaviours that we were struggling with.

Carol was very professional & knowledgeable. There were improvements after the first session even though we were working with our new Airedale puppy (10 weeks Old.)We look forward to working with Carol in the future to improve our dogs walking ability and digging prevention.

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